01 July 2010

For She's a Jolly Good Country

I'm trying to enjoy my Canada Day long weekend and not dwelling on the thought that I should be in Ontario getting ready to see U2.

We're having decent weather for the holiday, not fantastic but not rainy. At least, not yet.

I took the ferry across the harbour earlier and spent the morning wandering around Halifax. Some of the ships are still in port, so I got some pictures of the air craft carrier.

I spent some time in the Public Gardens before watching the Tattoo Parade. It was shorter than last year, but still chock full of marching bands and old people in scrimshaws.

Then I spent the better part of my afternoon reading on our porch. It was a pretty sweet day. And it's only going to get better! In honour of the Joel Plaskett concert that starts in ~3.5 hours, I'm going to embed my two favourite JP music videos:


Deb said...

I hope it was a great concert! Wish I could have been there.

Lianne said...

A friend of our is in PEI and called on Canada Day to say it was 27 degrees and sunny. Meanwhile, here in Vancouver is was 14 and drizzly. Summer, where are you?