22 June 2010

Pay attention, Ahab

There is a country, let's call it, I don't know, "Sapan," which thinks that commercial whaling should be legal again (which is quaint, considering Sapan never really stopped whaling in the first place). Obviously, Sapan is still living in the 17th century, back when there were whales left to kill.

It's just so...frustrating. Take the Right Whale as an example. I see the effort of people I know: years of research and data collection. All that work so that in the end, a small area of critical habitat can be identified and labelled an "area to be avoided." All that work so that ships can be asked to please stay away from that area to reduce the probability of them hitting and killing the whales. All that work so that one species has a slightly better chance at survival.

And Sapan wants to go make killing whales for profit legal? There is no sense in that.

Sign the petition if you haven't already. Please.

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