12 December 2009

Pump Up/Your Boots

The most recognizable half of U2 was on Elvis Costello's Spectacle last night. It started with Elvis Costello performing Mysterious Ways (that was...different), then Bono came out and did his chicken dance (which I think has replaced his infamous elbow dance. That boy just can't dance). There was lots of banter and reminiscing between all the musical icons. Edge was succinct and witty. Bono gave long, rambling answers that only kind of made sense in the most abstract way. Really, I couldn't love him more.

Anyway, the whole point of this entry was to post video from some of the songs they performed, specifically: the best version of One Shot of Happy Two Shots of Sad I've ever heard, and the Costello/U2 mashup of Pump It Up and Get on Your Boots. Sadly, nothing is available on the CTV site, or on other sites (yet).

On a related note, is anyone else concerned that Elvis Costello is turning into Bob Dylan?

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