31 December 2009

And, btw, Happy New Year!

Whenever I see a digital time/temperature display show the temperature in Fahrenheit, my first thought is usually "Hmm, the sensor's broken." My first thought should be, "Fahrenheit is an effed up system and why the hell is it still even an option in Canada?!" Because I don't like Fahrenheit. It's fun to spell, but other than that I find it confusing and useless. It's so nonintuitive. Freezing is 32 and boiling is 212 (and I didn't know that by the way - because I DON'T LIKE IT - I had to look it up), how did that ever made sense? I mean, why choose a number like 32 to represent the temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid? 0 is such a more logical starting point. I know they're arbitrary scales, but even arbitray things can be logically arbitrary. This shouldn't be bothering me as much as it is. But, honestly, when was the last time you heard someone preface a question with "On a scale of 32 to 212......."?

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