07 December 2009

Il fait froid

Mais not as froid as Edmonton. As I write this, it's -22 in Eddy, but only -3 here. However, winter has deffinitely arrived in the HRM. I say that not just because we've had our first stuck-around snowfall, but because you can just feel it in the air.

The cold weather made me think of a post I wrote a while ago that I still like. It went like this: "If Winter and Edmonton were in prison together, Edmonton would be Winter's bitch." I wrote that in October '06. I often marvel that I lived for almost 4 years in a place where Winter comes in October.

I tend to write a lot about the weather. I think because it's so inescapable, and it's just always there. If you're interested, all my weather-related posts can be read here (newest-oldest).

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