17 June 2012

David 8 sure does like to touch stuff.

This isn't really a spoiler, but at the very end of the movie is the first time you see the classic known-to-us Aliens alien (the xenomorph). After that scene, the guy sitting next to us in the theater turned to Alej and asked: "What was that?" She told him it was the alien from the other movies, and he goes, "Oh, right. Ridley Scott." Yes! It's an Alien prequel! What movie did you think you were watching?

I think this has been getting mixed reviews, but I liked it. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I mean, what some people call plot holes, I call unanswered questions to be explored in future movies. It was a good scifi movie and that's all I wanted from it. As a bonus, there was lots of beautiful scenery, visually interesting set pieces, and really good special effects. Also lots of gross stuff that I had to close my eyes for.


Alej and I spent a lot of time after the movie arguing about the life history stages of the aliens, and whether they are part human or not.  She asserts that they are part human because they gestate in us, I say that doesn't matter, after all things like tapeworms aren't part human. We fought about this a lot but have yet to come to a consensus. As for their life cycles, I could google it, but it's more fun if you don't over think it.

This movie is distinctive in that it features the wussiest biologist ever. I mean, the man is on a distant planet, comes across alien life and he freaks out and wants nothing to do with it. What is he even there for? And the geologist is afraid of everything too, but he's a geologist so that's to be expected.

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