10 March 2012

Two Things That Make Me Feel Old

The one most of you will appreciate: Buffy premiered 15 years ago.

Everybody headbang!

The other is more personal. March 3rd was the 15th anniversary of the U2 album POP.   It was the first U2 album that was new to me - the first U2 album I didn't hear second hand from my brother's room.

I remember mom was driving me to school the day Discotheque was released as a single on the radio, and we drove around the block just so we could hear it all before she dropped me off. I also remember for my birthday that year we went cross country skiing at my cabin and I had that album on repeat all weekend. Now that album always reminds me of cold and ice and woodsmoke. I was too out of touch to hear the collective WTF? from their fans upon release of that album. I love it. Even though it gave us the contentious Discotheque, it also gave us awesome songs like the heart-breaking Please (see it live from Sarajevo circa 1997), and the beautiful Staring at the Sun.

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Anonymous said...

My full respects to you sir regarding POP. I have fond memories of it (and the time) also.

Thinking it was 15 years ago does somewhat make me feel old.. but boy that was good times.. amazing album/tour/image/concept etc.