11 March 2012

Look around, leaves are brown/There's a patch of snow on the ground... it's a Halifax shade of winter.

This past Thursday the high was 12oC. Today is the Spring Forward. The oval is closed.  Winter, if you can call it that, is over. It's so wrong. Usually I welcome these harbingers of warmer weather. But usually I've been through an actual season of cold and snow. Not so much this year. This year it totally feels like we didn't earn the nicer temperatures. We haven't paid our proper Canadian winter dues, even by Halifax's relatively-mild-winter standards.

Yesterday, in a last ditch attempt to experience winter, and eat pancakes, Alej, C, and I went north to the maple syrup farm Sugar Moon. We ate too many pancakes, drank too much coffee (that was me), and set off on their ~6km trail. Last year we snowshoed part of the trail in February. There was still snow on the trail, but it was either packed down into ice, slushy, or an icy crust over older snow. It wasn't worth snowshoeing, so we walked. I took this video, because I love the crunchy sound.

The adorable dog in the video is C's dog Mylo. Today is his birthday! He's one year old.

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