24 March 2012

This could be our reward.

I went to a Hey Rosetta! show last night. The show was great. They even did an awesome cover of Graceland. I’m tempted to complain about the stupid teenage-heavy audience, but I’ll just come off sounding really old. So I won’t complain. Well. Only a little. There were two girls in front of us and they had very intense hair fetishes. They were constantly playing with their hair – running their hands through it, pulling it back into ponytails or twists and then dropping it, shaking it around. These are all normal girl-hair interactions, but the frequency is what was so alarming. At one point they were facing each other and playing with their hair as if pretending the other was a mirror. It was just disturbing. The rest of the audience also sucked.

What I want to write about is the opening act. A local band I’d never heard of called Heavy Meadows. When I see a band live before I know any of their music, I tend to pay more attention to the performers than the music. I really only enjoy live music when I know most or all of the songs. It was a standard four-man band, all older guys. I was really unimpressed with the bassist, initially because it looked like he was wearing a cardigan over a hoodie over a button-down shirt, and I thought he was too old for such ultrahipsterism. I eventually figured out that he was just wearing a hoodie and button-down shirt. Still, that’s way too many layers when the humidex is 28°C. The guitarist, who I didn’t watch much because he was pretty boring, was a “bobble head” according to Alej. The singer was okay. I generally prefer more awkward dancing from my lead singers, but he was perfectly fine. It’s the drummer I really want to talk about. The highly entertaining drummer who made me smile and laugh. Take a moment, right now, to air drum your favourite drum solo or riff. I’ll wait. Go ahead, no one is watching. If you’re like me, your eyes are closed, your head is shaking in a small arc back and forth, your mouth is pursed into a funny shape, and your whole face is happy as you hear that song in your head. The drummer was the extreme of that image, for every single song. He was so totally in a world of his own, playing all his favourite songs and he was freakin’ loving it.   

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