10 January 2012

Old content I never got around to posting

Sorry, y'all. Until I find more videos of baby animals being awesomely adorable, this is the best I can do.

If you think this is intense scrutiny, you should never watch Sharktopus with me.

Me: I finally saw the 1983 The Thing. It was really good. The special effects must have been really great for the time. I don't think they hold up that well, but it's still effectively gross when it's trying to be. I like that the alien is something different each time you see it.  I'm really confused about its biology though. I think I need to watch it again or read the source material. As I understand, the virus infects something and either takes it over, or replicates it from the inside? If its goal is to replicate humans and remain undetected, why does it keep bursting out of people? And when it bursts out of, say a human, why does it have other animal features if it was the human it replicated? And at times it seemed like it needed to eat the subject to replicate it. Is that how it works?  Also, does the virus recognize other infected people?  

Hermano: I think you're putting entirely too much thought into this movie.  I'm fairly certain, without ever having talked to him about it to verify, that John Carpenter's primary goal was not to make a film that would stand up to intense scrutiny by biologists.  I think he mostly wanted to make a thriller that would make people shit their pants.

(At least I'm not this guy). 

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