20 January 2012


Because I'm one of those annoying people who is always telling other people about their dreams, I'll tell you about two nightmares I had in the last week.

The first took place in the great room at my cabin. I was there with my dad, and there was a trail of ants under the table, maybe about 6-10 ants marching in a line. As they marched around they got bigger. I asked dad what they were and he said they looked like carpenter ants. By this point they were big enough that we could see wings. They actually looked like cockroaches as they got bigger. They kept growing and I was freaked out, I ran from the chair I was in and onto a couch in the corner of the room.  At this point they were about a foot long, they had shiny, hard-plastic-looking white heads with black eyes. One leaped from the floor and hit me in/landed on my face. I screamed and tried to push it off, and that woke me up.

The second nightmare took place in a nondescript lobby somewhere.  I was with Alej and a childhood friend Angie. The ring finger on my left hand had a stiff joint and I couldn't  straighten my finger all the way. I held up my hand to show them, and before our eyes my entire hand started to swell. It happened really quickly and we all freaked out and Angie got on her cell and called an ambulance. As my hand swelled, it almost seemed to shrink, and my nails got longer, as if the pressure from the swelling was forcing them out. It freaking hurt too, I thought my skin was going to split open. All this happened over the course of a few seconds and I jammed my hand under my other arm because I couldn't stand to look at it. I woke up then, and my hand was tingling. It was gross and disturbing. Fucking nightmares. 


Anonymous said...

Neither of those is as terrifying as "Death Sweater".

- Oz

Ellie Fish said...

I've been spared the Death Sweater nightmares so far. I think because deep down, I'm totally in love with Death Sweater.

Anonymous said...

That's because Death Sweater is genius. We're gonna sell that script to Hollywood, Ellie!

- Oz