04 January 2012

Me Listening to the News This Morning

Announcer: "...Canada lost the World Juniors semifinal to Russia..."
Me: "[gut-punch-like "Ohhh" sound]"

Announcer: "...front-runner of the Iowa caucus is Mit Romney..."
Me: "[gut-punch-like "Ohhh" sound]...which one is that again?"

As an aside, kudos to Edmonton for not going all smashy-smashy, stabby-stabby over the hockey loss. In the Fail Safe-like future I envision for us, when we have to decide which of our cities to sacrifice for the greater good, I think this will count in Edmonton's favour. Sorry, Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

That particular Juniors game was played in Calgary ... not that that changes my opinion of which city (ahem) should be sacrificed FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

- Oz

Ellie Fish said...

In this particular scenario Calgary was decimated years before in a tragic crude-oil tsunami. We'll have to come up with another criteria to choose the sacrifice city.