30 October 2011

Today in numbers too big to comprehend: 7 Billion

So, we’re 7 billion strong now. That number is so big, but it means nothing to me. Maybe if I lived in one of the dense countries, but even in the city I live in there are times when I can go out and not encounter another person (although not today, I swear every freakin' Haligonian was at Sobeys). Still, when I think of 7 billion, all I can picture is humanity as this black cloud engulfing the earth.

Oz sent me a link to this BBC page that puts your stats into a global perspective.  I was the 4,510,757,622nd person born on Earth

Wow, BBC infographic, you know me so well.But your use of commas leaves something to be desired.

Which is kind of cool.

This CBC article, however, is somehow less cool. I know it’s supposed to read like a bunch of nifty facts about our population size, but to me it reads more like the beginning of a conversation about how long we can possibly last on this planet, given how things seem to be spiraling out of control. 

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