25 October 2011

 I went for a walk along Lake Banook and through Sullivan Pond Park on Sunday and something was off. I was about 45 minutes into my walk when I started to think that something was weird. It was a typical Halifax Fall day: thick clouds with patches of bright sunshine, too cold for just a t-shirt but too warm for a hoodie over your t-shirt. People were out jogging, biking, walking; kids were running wild in the park, there was a gaggle of old people (a murder of retirees?) racing their little motorised boats very slowly through the Pond. Everything was normal, and I didn’t realize what was missing until I heard it: a helicopter. It’s just not a proper Halifax day until you see or hear a Sea King. They fly by my building at work daily, and Saturday when I was walking to the library I saw three. To me, they play as important a role in the classic Halifax skyline as the casino or those twin office towers. I wonder if the new helicopters will fundamentally change the feel of the city? 

I don't have any pics of sea kings over the city, but I have one of me in one, flying over my old neighbourhood. Close enough. 

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