29 October 2011

Things I didn't know/remember about Gremlins

I saw Gremlins last night for what might be the first time. I have vague memories of Gremlins-related things, but I don't know if that's from seeing the movie or just from seeing pieces of it over the course of my life. If I did see it, I was (typically, for my family) way too young because I didn't remember anything. It holds up surprisingly well. It's not scary, but it is still entertaining. I was surprised by how much time they devoted to the creatures. The effects weren't up to today's standards - the movement of the creatures were a little stilted, but it was still fun to watch.

1. Gremlins was made in 1984. 1984! I knew it was from the 80s, but I just assumed it was more late-80s. It's too old for me to have seen when it first came out, but it doesn't feel like it should be that old.

2. Gremlins is a Christmas movie. It takes place over the holidays.  I had no idea. I'll have to add it to my Christmas Eve movie list. Instead of going to church, I'll watch it along with What Would Jesus Buy and Die Hard.

3. Gizmo is still way cuter than s/he has any right to be. Just really damn adorable. There were audible "awe"s coming from the audience at many points in the movie.

4. The song over the end credits is very catchy. If I had a cell phone this would be my ring tone.

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