27 August 2011

...constantly cracking my skull against things.

I’m freshly back from seven days at sea. It was a good trip – lots of work, though. And after the second day or so it’s really repetitive (like most field work I’ve done), although I got to see some cool stuff: giant lobster, octopi, and lots and lots of scallops. Also, one cod! The cod was the highlight of my trip. It’s been…(doing the math)…8 years since I’ve held a cod. It was only a little guy, though. I’m pretty sure s/he survived.

 I don’t have any pictures of the work, I was too busy actually doing it. And it was really dirty and I didn’t want to get mud and seawater in my camera. I do have some scenery pictures from around Grand Manan, which was where the survey was. 

I liked life on the boat. I find it surprising how well I slept on the boat when we were  steaming. The rocking of the boat and the overwhelming noise of the engine put me right out. At night, when the engine is off, it’s completely different – you can hear every creak and lapping wave.  It’s nice to be home, though, where I can shower and where I’m not hitting my head on something every few minutes. Seriously, I have bruises under my hair from constantly cracking my skull against things.

Here's a picture of my feet in my coffin bunk. I hit my head on the top of that thing a lot.  

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