12 August 2011

'cause I eats me spinach

I gave blood today and it went well. Again. I'm so pleased. The one iffy moment came when they tested my iron and -for the first time in my long and storied donation history - it was one point too low to donate. The tested it again, though, and the second time it was 12 points higher. Yeah me! Apparently there was plasma or something in the blood drop that brings down your iron reading.

I had my usual healthy amount of concern about donating this time, due to my donation history, my recent episode at U2, and the rumours going around that lots of people were fainting in today's clinic. While I was donating, someone who had donated earlier in the morning and fainted was brought back in  from their workstation. I guess they were still feeling badly, so someone wheeled them in on an office chair, and the CBS people laid her down and got out a monitor of some kind. At least I've never had that bad a reaction. I don't think sitting in the library would have helped her.

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