27 July 2010

I was told there'd be cup holders

I bought a car. I've told most of y'all, but haven't made any sort of official announcement. I suppose if I was being accurate, I'd announce that I will be buying a car for the next 5 years (but it's good debt, right?). At the end of June, I shopped for and bought a car over the course of a week. I rushed it to beat the dreaded HST increase. (Oh, and Ontario: quit whining! We've had HST for forever!). I would describe having a car as "non-stop greatness." For someone who spent practically the last 10 years taking transit, it really is just sheer greatness. It's just...so...damned awesome. Really, the words escape me.

My car is a civic, dark gray, and is a girl. I haven't named her yet, but in my head I think of her as "Car-car," which is what my nephew used to call cars. Actually, he called them "car-car beep-beep," and it was way more adorable in person than it looks on the computer screen, I swear.

I'm currently accepting suggestions for names.

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Blue Heron Moon said...

Sounds like a whale to me....how does Ceta sound?