13 February 2010

Olympic Fever is so much better than Swine Flu

So I checked out the CTV Olympic site and the first headline I saw was "Luge Track Declared Safe After Fatal Accident." Then, the next one "Le May Doan Left Standing as Cauldron Malfunctions." These don't sound like good starts.

I like the winter olympics so much better than the summer olympics. The summer olympics seem to have too many made-up sports. There seems to be no guiding priciple to what is a summer sport, or even a sport. Anything you can do outside, inside, in or on water is "summer." Even fake things like trampoline, dancing with ribbons, and getting other animals to do the work. The winter olympics are so much more clean-cut: snow and ice. Less variety, sure, but more order. And, come on. I live in a country where a substantial part of it is frozen year round (at least, historically). Winter olympics are just more Canadian than summer olympics.

I'm currently flipping through some photos of the opening ceremonies. Oh! I totally want that HBC scarf Clara Hughes got. The phallic ice sculptures were probably a bad choice, but the polar bear of light is inspired. I want one for my front yard at Christmas. Donald Sutherland! Okay, I kind of regret not watching this.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about the Olympics in the days to come. For now I will just give all our athletes the same advice my big brother often gives me: Don't embarass us.

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