19 February 2010

Doin' the best we can

The weirdest thing about the Olympics, from my POV, is the absurd coverage that CTV has. When I'm eating breakfast in the morning I watch "Olympic Morning," and it's live. From BC. Where it is 3AM. Those poor newscasters are working at 3AM just so half-asleep people in the maritimes have something to watch for a few minutes before they go shovel snow or catch the bus.  Everyday I feel sorry for them, sitting in front of big glass windows that show Vancouver behind them, sound asleep in it's warm beds and not performing live on TV for a bunch of people in the maritimes who really just want to know how Sidney did the night before.

At the moment we have 7 medals, and we're tied for 4th with the French. The French hate us. Although, everyone hates us at the moment, as I understand it. And they're only gonna hate us more when we take all the hockey and curling golds. Go Canada!

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