17 February 2010

Can't Hardly Wait

Syfy is making a movie called Sharktopus!  I mean, that news coupled with a Half Snow Day is making this one of the Best. Wednesdays. Ever.
The "plot"? "The U.S. Navy has commissioned a group called Blue Water to genetically engineer a half-shark, half-octopus to help combat Somali pirate ships. Then things go wrong." Really? How could anything possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

You know, I'll be looking for a job this time next year, and if there's any mad scientists looking for a postdoc to manage their sharktopus-related projects, I'll be happy to apply ... what do you think that would pay?


Ellie Fish said...

Well, the project is funded by the US Navy - so I think the pay will be good. And you'll probably qualify for danger pay.