14 November 2009


I started feeling sick Thursday night. I had that bad taste and feeling in the back of my throat that usually heralds a killer throat infection. Then on Friday, the soreness started, and I had that draggy, fighting-something feeling. I don't think I have swine flu. I mean, I have none of the symptoms, but when it comes to the symptoms no one seems to really know what they are. It's possible I have some new atypical version of swine flu. Possible but unlikely given that I'm just a hypochondriac. Last weekend I was fairly certain I had a brain aneurysm.
I even went so far as to tell Alej that if drop dead suddenly, she should know that I was having strange headaches beforehand. Anyway, to ward off getting sick, I decided to devote my entire weekend to resting and actively not getting sicker.

What a great excuse to do nothing. I slept in (I generally don't do that anymore), I watched the last couple episodes of Conviction, watched my favourite adaptation of Jane Eyre, then I watched Death at a Funeral. In hindsight, it was a very British day. I also read and played on my computer. And I took a nap during which I dreamt my roommate was hitting me on the head with, I think, a stuffed animal.

Now, for some reason, I can't find the spellcheck on my blogger template, so I apologise for all the spelling mistakes I'm sure I made. There's also this "jump" option. I'm trying it out for the first time with this post.

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