05 March 2013

Bunny Scale

Oz sent me an interesting philosophical question about the Bunny Scale which I want to share.

I saw two bunnies fighting each other (literally boxing at each other with their front paws) over an apple core on my walk home today. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!!!”

Firstly, Oz, why didn’t you take a video? That shit would totally go viral.

Secondly, the Bunny Scale was originally intended to predict how good a day will be, not to be used a posteriori. So I’m not sure what seeing bunnies at the end of your day means.

That being said, the original classification of a 2 Bunny Day was:

2 bunnies: A good day – I’ll only think of quitting my program once or twice

So, I suppose if you were to see two bunnies fighting, maybe that’s a physical manifestation of your inner struggle to finish your thesis. Maybe the apple core is your thesis and the bunnies were like the good part of your brain that wants to work on it and the bad part of your brain that doesn’t. Or something. I never actually took philosophy. 

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