07 December 2012


Day 7

The other day I was in Hallmark with Other Auntie and I was bitching about the ornaments they sell, completely non-Christmasy things, like football players, or the Green Lantern, or random Disney princesses. I said something like "You can't just put a hook on anything and call it an ornament. Okay, you can by definition, but it's not a Christmas ornament*." That being said, as long as it has an aspect of Christmas, I'm okay with it. Toss a Santa hat on that football player and it's cool with me. Mostly. 

Best. Ornament. Ever.

*They do sell a Gone With the Wind ornament I want, though, because I love GWTW and because it could be considered a Christmas movie (by me) because there's a Christmas scene and because I tend to watch it every year around the holidays.

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