01 December 2012


December 1st is the start of my Christmas. I get out my boxes of Christmas stuff, I put up my (fake) tree, I start to think about - but don't actually do - Christmas cards.

This year, December 1st happens to be the date of the Dartmouth tree lighting as well. It's a large event that is well-attended. I usually just go for the lighting, but there's a whole concert and train rides for the kids and other stuff. I went with Other Auntie for the lighting, and the fireworks. Halimouth loves the fireworks. We will celebrate pretty much anything with fireworks. The Dartmouth tree lighting fireworks are usually very good. Worth standing in the cold for.

My goal is to post something Christmasy every day until the day itself. That's a lot of commitment for me, but I'm hoping I can manage.

Day 1 after the jump.

My tree! Oh, so anticlimactic. And you've got a whole month of this to look forward to! Lucky reader.

Speaking of cards, shout out to Oz for winning the race and being the first card I received this year. Though how she had time to send out cards when she has a thesis to write is beyond me.

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