12 November 2012

Mob mentality

I was in Florida for a cousin's wedding. Did I mention that part? Anyway, a couple of nights before the wedding the bridal party and female family members went on a cruise. I assumed it was a booze cruise, but it was just a cruise with booze, which is different. It was a 2 hour sunset cruise with opportunistic wildlife watching. It was on a catamaran, which I'd never been on before.

The cruise left an hour before sunset. It had a cash bar and loud music. I love being out on the water, and it was nice to be on the water and not working. It was beautiful out there. And so calm. We did see dolphins, quite close to the boat. I didn't get pictures, though, because I wasn't fast enough.

The weird thing is, as it neared sunset, the boat turned to face the horizon, and they played What a Wonderful World. No one was really that drunk yet, but everyone was so into it,  and when the sun dipped completely below the horizon, everyone on the boat clapped and cheered. As if this wasn't something that happens every single day without fail. It was an amazing bit of emotional manipulation and I totally fell for it.

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