14 November 2012

"Guy in a smart car dressed like Elvis!"

My SiL's sister, the Other Auntie,  and I were driving back from Halifax Saturday night, at around 9 pm. As we pull onto the MacDonald bridge, we passed a smart car waiting to merge and she yells out "Guy in a smart car dressed like Elvis!" as the smart car pulled in behind me. I questioned her sanity, but she insisted she saw it all: sunglasses, the hair, the white rhinestone jumpsuit with the popped collar. I then ask if I should drive slow so he's forced to pass me, but we decide I'll just pull up alongside him at the toll booths so we can see. In the meantime, we wonder, quite rightly: what the fuck? Is he going home after working somewhere? But it's only 9, so was he working a kid's party? Because he has to be going home, if he makes his living dressed as Elvis there's no way he can afford to live on the Hali side.

So, as we near the toll booths I notice - to my annoyance  - that he seems to be heading for the same one as me. I slow down and chose a different one (safely, I swear), and his car pulled into the booth on our right. I pull through the gate really slow and we both lean forward and turn to the right, and he's right there, staring back at us and grinning and flashing the peace sign. Dude totally saw through us. It was fucking brilliant because he was totally decked out in full Elvis. I literally applauded him, and Other Auntie and I laughed about it for a long time.

I seriously think this guy dresses up like Elvis and drives around HRM for fun. I just googled "Halifax Elvis smart car" and found this:

 At least one other person has tweeted about seeing him. Why didn't this guy run for mayor? I'd vote for Smart Car Elvis.

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