19 July 2012

What I'm mad about today

Anyone who grew up in, or across the lake from, Ontario is very familiar with Marineland. Even if you never went there (and I, aspiring marine biologist that I was, never went there), chances are you know the commercials by heart.

My brother is taking his kids there this summer, so I was looking on the website out of curiosity to see what kind of animals they have now. I clicked though to look at their future development plans, and they're going to build the world's largest aquarium complex. One of the buildings is called Friends of the Sea, that's where the dolphins will be. The sharks though, will be in an exhibit called Terrors of the Sea. That's just great. What we need is to actively perpetuate the idea that sharks are human-hating monsters who glide unstoppably through the water killing indiscriminately. Lots of animals kill - dolphins kill humans too - why do we still hold sharks up as having such an unparalleled blood lust? Peter Benchley would not approve.

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