02 July 2012

Two weeks of the year, I get to trade-in my cubicle for a shucking house. I'm pretty damn lucky, and I know it.

This year, I saw this monster barnacle on a scallop.  This thing** is huge.

It needs it's own Syfy movie. Monster Barnacle vs. Super Scallop. Or, you know, Death Barnacle would be a good movie too. Honestly, barnacles creep me the hell out. It's okay when they're growing on wharfs and rocks, but when they attach themselves to living creatures, whales and lobsters and the like, it's creepy to me. It's too parasitic for my tastes.

**I'm fairly certain it's a barnacle. It's been awhile since I took Marine Diversity, but I can't think of anything else it could be.

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