22 February 2012

Second to None. Except Pi Day.

Yesterday was Pancake Tuesday. Since I am apparently in a timezone of my own, 24h behind the rest of the world, I just realized this today. How I managed to forget a day devoted to breakfast food is beyond me. Clearly, I need to rethink my priorities as of late. To placate those of you who expected me to acknowledge this holiday, here is a picture of Jesus looking spry.

Breakdancing Jesus by Cosmo Sarson

And because I just can't resist: 

Pancake Jesus!
And no mention of Jesus is complete without the obligatory dinosaur picture:

What a tiny little brontosaurus he found to ride!
Brontosausurs, much like Jesus, did not exist.

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Kimm-my said...

FYI - Today is George Washington's birthday as well as Ash Wednesday. I'm sure it is a bunch of other 'days' too but that is all that is written on my calendar.