04 February 2012

I wouldn't say I was dragged kicking and screaming. It was more like a reluctant shuffle.

I'm just going to come right out and say this. Then those of you who know me can take a moment for your stunned silence, or to explain to your co-workers the cause of your shocked gasp: I got a cell phone.

[Eyes widen and hands cover O-shaped mouths the world over].

I was going to make some joke about how I'm finally joining the 20th Century, since I'm so behind in the times. But the phone I got (or, rather, the phone that was given to me used when a friend upgraded and got a better one) is technology that was first introduced in 2001, putting me safely in the current century, albeit a decade behind most people. At this rate, I'll get a smart phone in about 2018. 

Don't tell my Luddite father what I did. 
In typical Ellie fashion, I'm keeping my landline and intend the cell phone for emergency and practical use only. Baby steps. 


Anonymous said...


- Oz

Ellie Fish said...

[Hangs head in shame] I know.