16 December 2011

More Science That Reinforces Beliefs I’ve Always Held: Sundays are evil, and being veggie is good for you.

A quote from an article on how to critically assess so-called scientific findings (the link on the news site was right next to the headline: “Your Office Chair Will Kill You”): 
 “a closer look at the data reveals that eating more red meat also seemingly raises your risk of accidental death from car crashes and guns.”
Hey, now. If that’s what the data says. Who am I to waste time critically assessing it when it already tells me what I want to hear? I believe it. Looks like I’m going to be living car-crash and bullet-wound free until I die from mouth cancer caused by my toothpaste (assuming my office chair doesn't get me first). 

Also related, but less science-y (as if that's possible) is this article about Sunday Insomnia, which I totally have.  It’s the inability to sleep on Sunday nights. They claim it’s due to the stress of the upcoming work week, but I find mine is so habitual that I even get it on vacation and when I don’t have to work on Mondays.

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