05 December 2011

April is so far away but that's how long we're going to have to wait to see that Joss Whedon horror film that even I forgot about

It was made a while ago and something happened with money or whatever. Who cares. It's on the way and it's got Topher and Whiskey from Dollhouse, Tucker's brother from Buffy, and what looks like The Initiative's bigger, more evil twin. It's gonna be all sorts of salty Whedon goodness. If any of those reference made sense to you, you should see it.Even if they didn't, you should see it. I doubt those references will actually be in the movie.


Deb said...

Can't wait...and I don't even like horror films! There is just not enough Joss Whedon in the world. :-)

Ellie Fish said...

Agreed. The world needs more Joss.