16 September 2011

I can't tell those two Republican guys apart

I have a shirt that says "America is Scary." I bought it back around the time they legitimately elected Bush. At the time, I felt the sentiment was true. Then, suddenly America wasn't scary any more. They elected Obama! Things were looking up! Meanwhile, in Canada it felt like we were the scary ones. (Albeit, without t-shits to tell us so. At least according to Google image search).  My point is, there was awhile there where I felt like I couldn't wear the shirt in public because America didn't really deserve it.

I'm beginning to think that time has come for me to wear the shirt again. It feels like America is getting it's scary on again. Granted, everything I know about American politics I get from The Daily Show and  Moron's With Signs. I'm sure they don't downplay the scary. Even so, with only a precious year until the next election, I suspect things are only going to get worse.

Speaking of the election, I can't tell Mit Perry and Rick Romney apart. Wait. No. It's Rick Perry and Mit Romney. Part of it is the names, informal first names, last names ending in -ey. There's little there for me to latch on to as distinguishing. The other problem is that when looking at both of them on the screen, I don't know which is which. They might as well be the same person to me. I gather that one of them is a front-runner, but I don't know if it's the one that annoys me, or the one that genuinely scares me. History would suggest that it's the latter. I think I'll actually be happy once the Republicans decide on a candidate, because then I can a) stop trying to remember who everyone is, and b) focus all my worrying around one person.

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