04 September 2011

How could it happen? No one knows. But it did

This went under my radar, but Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy) is in a shark movie with D.B.Sweeny from Cutting Edge (although I also remember him from a show called Strange Luck that Fox made in the mid-90s when they were trying to capilatize on the success of X Files and they aired a whole whack of sci-fiy shows).

But my real reason for this post is this movie: Zaat. The trailer is a narrative mess, so I imagine the movie would have been nearly incomprehensible.

Admit it, those first 40 seconds you were like, "With a few more genetics credits, that could've been  you, Ellie." That's what I thought anyway. Then, of course, I thought "pollute the universe? with a spray bottle? Won't that take a very long time?  and what's with the near-subliminal shot of the couple making out? Who would want to see just the last 15 minutes of a movie anyway?" 

I found this on io9, along with other aquatic-related monster movies. I hadn't heard of most of them, including Blood Beach, which should really be renamed Death Sand: The Sand That Eats People

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