29 November 2010

Civic Duty

When I told Oz that's I'd been summoned to jury selection, her response was "but you work full-time." I told her that juries aren't made up entirely of unemployed people. I think your employer has to give you time off to attend, but they don't have to pay you. Some people get paid jury duty leave, and happily I'm in that group, so attending jury selection caused me no hardships.

21 November 2010

Other people's expressions of themselves: The Sequel

One of my favourite blogs is Morons with Signs. It's a collection of protest signs, mostly from teabaggers but also from more traditional whackjobs. I love the site because the stupidity of some of the signs is often wildly entertaining - kind of the same way that Engrish and bad Asian-to-English translations are funny. It's the perfect mix of brazenness and lack of basic English grammar. Some of the more hateful signs on the site make me sad. It helps that the site creator provides some nice scathing commentary on these people.

16 November 2010

Other people's expressions of themselves

Earlier this year, right after I got my car, I saw a curious bumper sticker. It looked home made and said:

"I like my men. Cold. Dead. Sparkly."

06 November 2010

Fall Back

This was originally published on 26 October 2003 by me, on my old blog.

Last night the local news was doing a story on Daylight Savings Time (heretofore known as DST) and how some people were against it. They interviewed this one lady who was against DST. She had big, big red hair and looked like a cat person (if you know what I mean). She was showing off her watch and clock collections (my watch collection is way better) and saying that she refused to turn her clocks back. Well, that’s just great, honey, but NO ONE cares. You’re not making some grand social statement by not setting your clocks back, you’re just being childish.

04 November 2010

Suppose nature gave a war...

How did I not know about this? How does Cricket not know about this? This looks like it could possibly be the best worst movie ever.

I especially love the cut-away to the evil monarch butterfly. And how does that frog launch itself through the glass? And are those even frogs? Or are they toads?