21 November 2010

Other people's expressions of themselves: The Sequel

One of my favourite blogs is Morons with Signs. It's a collection of protest signs, mostly from teabaggers but also from more traditional whackjobs. I love the site because the stupidity of some of the signs is often wildly entertaining - kind of the same way that Engrish and bad Asian-to-English translations are funny. It's the perfect mix of brazenness and lack of basic English grammar. Some of the more hateful signs on the site make me sad. It helps that the site creator provides some nice scathing commentary on these people.

As great as that site is, as I said, it can be a downer, and often leads me to think that the world is full of protest-y morons with no intelligence, humanity, or sense of humour. Thankfully, I'm wrong, and the world is also full of protest-y smart asses with social conscience, soul, and great senses of humour. I feel an odd sense of relief and hope knowing that there are people like this in the world:

For more of the like, I'll point you in the direction of God Hates Protesters and Fuck Yeah, Protest!. 

(Check out the guy in the background of this picture - a protester after my own heart)


Anonymous said...

I love that blog! Ellie,have you ever visited PassiveAggressiveNotes.com? What a terrifying overview of humanity it presents. Afterwards, go to cakewrecks.blogspot.com for a more light-hearted perspective on human foibles.

- Oz

Ellie Fish said...

I LOVE passiveaggresivenotes.com! And cakewrecks as well, both are great for spending entire afternoons on while avoiding work and the real world.