01 October 2010


I was going to write a post about my trip to Ontario. I was waiting for Kimm-my to send me the pictures she took at my cabin, but she never did. I figure a public shaming would get her ass in gear***. Where are those pictures, Kimm? Huh?

In lieu of an actual post, I'll just give you the highlights:

  • We had a surprise party for my mom's 60th. It was an actual surprise. At least, she was very confused when she saw my brothers. If she wasn't surprised, she's a damn fine actress. 
  • I got up to my cabin for a few days. I went for a swim every morning. Read all day. Saw lots of chipmunks. There’s been, like, a chipmunk population explosion this year. Don’t you think that "Chipmunk Explosion" would be a really good name for a neopunk high school band from North Bay?
  •  Kimm-my came up to the cabin brought Litttle Edddie. He’s just red-headed bundle of cuteness. And, boy, he can cry - which is also cute because I don’t have to deal with it, or pay for his tuition (ha! Remember that when you tease me about being 30!).
  •  I attended the wedding of ¼ of the Core Four. The wedding was also part of the subsequent ¾ of the Core Four 30h Reunion Extravaganza (as called by me, completely after the fact. Although, now I think we should have named it. And made t-shirts).
  • In addition to the wedding, the ¾ of the Core Four 30h Reunion Extravaganza took us to Canada's Wonderland where we screamed the day away on such awesomely awesome rides as the Behemoth.
  • On one of the rides (one I remember from my childhood), I noticed the manufacturers label on the ride: it was made in West Germany. West Germany! When the ride started and began to make all sorts of creaking noises I began to wonder how much I should trust the craftsmanship of a ride make in a county that no longer exists. I’m still alive, though, so W. Germany didn’t let me down.
    *** The public shaming worked. In a sense. Kimm sent me the pictures, apparently only moments before reading this, so I think maybe she and I have some sort of psychic connection and deep down she knew what I was planning. I really just wanted to post this pic 'cause it's pretty cool.

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Kimm-my said...

OK...So I read this AFTER I had sent you the pictures (just moments ago).