16 October 2010

Don't tell Earl about the giant worms

I think this is the movie that started it all for me. I think this is the experience I'm unconsciously searching for when I watch all those bad/good monster/animal movies. This movie is 20 years old now and it stands up really well.  I haven't seen it in 10 years, and even though I watched it frequently in the 90s, I'd forgotten just enough to really enjoy seeing it again. The main difference between this and, say, Shark Attack 3, is that this movie is actually good, whereas the other is good because it's bad.

What movie am I talking about? Have a guess...

There was a midnight showing in Hali last night. There wasn't a huge turn out, which is a shame because it's such a good movie. 

For those poor, deprived souls who have never experienced the awesomeness of Tremors, it's about potentially prehistoric/potentially mutated/potentially alien carnivorous worms that terrorize the small desert town of Perfection. There's a little fake science, and the requisite scientist in this one is a grad student of seismology. But mostly, it's got Kevin Bacon. And that guy from Family Ties. And Reba McEntire. And the little girl from Jurassic Park. And giant carnivorous worms. It's funny in a good way, and still surprised me and made me jump a little.

I wouldn't say you should add it to your Hallowe'en Horror Fest queue, but you should totally put it on your list of movies to watch or rewatch.


Justin said...

It's true, Tremors is a pretty great movie.

Justin said...

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't seen Mega Pirhana yet, you need to. It will redefine your scientific interpretation of size-ratio projections.