04 June 2013

Tree 2 :Updated

After my last post about My Tree, Kimm said she thought it was a slippery elm, and Deb said red maple. While I was away, the leaves started to come out and the tree turned all lovely and green.


Green back yard!
 For some dumb reason, I didn't take a close-up of the leaves yesterday. But they don't look like a slippery elm, so is it red maple? Or something else? I bet it's going to look bitchin' in the fall.

I would like to get a lilac tree. Any one have advice on those?

I took an actual picture of the leaves as they currently are. Kimm has changed her guess to maple, and I did some googleing and it does look like a red maple. Deb, ftw!

1 comment:

Kimm-my said...

definitely not an elm... looks like maple leaves