18 April 2013


I had a panic attack earlier this week. I went to check Environment Canada's weather office page, for the weather, as I tend to do a few times a day. But it was different. Out of nowhere they redesigned it. They changed the icons to these terrible [more] cartoony shapes, and the colours are all dull, and it's terrible and I hate it.

The new design. Apparent blue raindrop are "rain" and gray raindrops are "drizzle. "

The old, familiar, comforting design. The suns are properly yellow and the rain is more menacing. 
I can't be the only one who dislikes this! Speak up, my friends.

The Weather Network is also going to change their display. They, at least, have the decency to inform us in advance and provide a countdown. Historically, I don't handle changes to how my weather information is provided. I'm sure I won't like this change either.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May agrees with you.


- Oz

Deb said...

I'm less concerned with the new graphics (although, I'll admit that the old ones are more vibrant) than I am about them removing the words "Environment Canada" from the site.