20 October 2012


On the drive back from Florida, my Aunt and I were trying to find somewhere for us to have lunch with my parents. We had the following conversation.

My Aunt: You want to eat at Chick-fil-A?
Me: No - there's nothing there for me. And they hate gay people.
My Aunt: Your parents hate gay people?!

We ended up eating at Cracker Barrel. They may hate gay people as well, but I don't know about it. They certainly hate vegetarians.The cook their vegetables in meat. But they at least have the decency to state that in the menu. I suppose I shouldn't complain.

I did have two good vegetarian meals in Atlanta. The best was vegan soul food. Chicken fried steak, collard greens, sweet potato, and cornbread. All blissfully free of meat and delicious. The chicken fried steak was gluten, a bit like seitan but more solid. It was served with onion gravy.

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