29 April 2010

Scotland Day 5: Road Trip Day 3: The Rain Gods Hate Us

Tuesday was the only day where I can honestly say the rain got in the way of our plans. However, it really only ruined one thing for us, so it's not that bad.

We had breakfast at the B&B. I tried blood pudding. It was salty. After breakfast we put on our rain gear (because, being past/present field biologists, we had all brought rain gear) and walked down into Oban for a coffee and to take some pictures. Alej did most of the picture taking since her camera is waterproof, whereas mine is merely pretty. I asked her to take a picture of this for me:
We had coffee at a shop near this honest fish & chip truck (it says "Great for you, not so great for the fish"):

After the walk we packed up and headed out of town, stopping on the way at McCraig's Tower (I officially love whoever wrote the Wikipedia for that tower and called it a "a prominent folly on the hillside.") Basically some guy built it for his wife, modelled it on the Coliseum, and it really sticks out. It had a great view of the town and the ocean.  
As great at the view was, it had the world's most useless information placard:

After our visit to the tower, we headed South, intending to stop at some standing stones near Kilmartin along the way. However, due to the rain the field was flooded and we couldn't make it to the stones. If only we'd taken our waders!

We got back to Glasgow early in the afternoon and spent a quiet night in and rested up for the next adventure: a day in Glasgow!


Blue Heron Moon said...

Ellie, I found your blog the other day and just want to thank you for sharing your vacation. I'm unemployed and can't go this year so I feel as if your blog is taking me along. I love it!

bill said...

I didn't get a vacation either so I too have been enjoying your blog.