21 October 2009

Cell phones impede your ability to notice clowns (and they make you stupid)

My lack of love for cell phones is well known amongst those who know me. So, I'd like to point you to my favourite article on CBC today. Especially poignant is the section that reads: "...cellphone users are slower, they change directions more frequently, they weave and they're much less likely to acknowledge any other people around them." It seems that most people can't walk and talk at the same time. I really didn't need an entire study with statistics to tell me that, but it's nice to know there's a citation out there should I ever need one.

I dream of a day when cell phone usage is the new smoking, and can only be done in designated areas, or in the privacy of your own home - unless you have kids, in which case you can only use it on the back porch.

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