12 December 2007


Getting that widget to post was a bitch, but I had to do it. How can I not promote a U2 movie? This is, I should point out, only the 2nd U2 movie to be released in theatres. It's a big deal. And it's in 3-friggen-D. How awesome will that be? I can't even begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to this. Imagine a chocolate-and-candy-cane fed 8-year-old at 10:30pm Christmas Eve. I think that begins to approximate my excitement. U2! 3D! I'll be able to reach out and pretend I'm touching the giant, 52-foot head of Bono. According to the website this is some fancy, newfangled way to make 3D. Damn, this better play in Edmonton.

Okay, so I should admit that I've watched the clip in the widget like, 15 times. I know it's only a stupid widget but somehow it manages to capture the sound of U2 live. There's something about their music in concert, it sends chills down my back. It has something to do with being in the same room with them, about being there as they make the sounds. I sometimes think that U2 concerts are as close as I will ever come to a religious experience. Damn. I really have to see this movie.

National Geographic? Seriously?

At least it's not another movie about polar bears. Damn bears.

09 December 2007


An astute observer noticed my tattoo action-shot (on right) and I figured I was about time that I posted something about it. I got it in September when my mom was visiting. I got a gorgeous Atlantic cod (seriously) on my back, and she got an awesome Joshua tree on her lower calf. As for the experience…

(Swearing alert – Cricket read no further)

…it fucking hurt. I knew it would be painful, and at first it wasn’t too bad, but then it got worse. The outline felt like someone was cutting my skin with a knife or razor. The colouring felt like I was being stabbed really hard, really fast. I got it on my back, and whenever he was working over my spine was the worst, it felt like the pain was spreading. I didn’t cry or anything, it wasn’t a crying kind of pain. It was more like a holyfuckingfuckwhenisitgoingtoend? kind of pain. Of course, now, in hindsight, it doesn’t seem so bad. Even though it still hurt after the fact: for the first day or so it was sore and felt kind of wet, which is weird because it didn’t bleed or anything.

The problem with having the tat on my back, is that I can’t get a really good look at it. I’ve seen pictures, sure, and everyone says it looks really good. I have to say, it’s a pretty sweet fish, the details are amazing. I’m so impressed by how he got the barbel and the lateral line and the fin rays and the spots!

My mom’s Joshua tree turned out awesomely as well.

So far, I’ve loved the tattoo experience. The pain was just the price I had to pay for this amazing piece of art. Thinking about it makes me happy and when I catch glimpses of it in the mirror, I smile. And you know what they say about tattoos being addictive? I’d say they are contagious as well. After seeing mine many people have expressed serious interest in getting their own. I say, go for it.